I defended my Master’s dissertation on February 8, 2021 at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, Europe (WEST) I take this opportunity to thank my advisors for all the support, dedication, and patience throughout the process.

The dissertation is entitled Container security in CI / CD pipelines and is available online at RIA, the Institutional repository of University of Aveiro (UA).

This dissertation aims to reduce the impact of microservices’ vulnerabilities by examining the respective images and containers through a flexible and adaptable set of analysis tools running in dedicated CI/CD pipelines. This approach intends to provide a clean and secure collection of microservices for later release in cloud production environments. To achieve this purpose, we have developed a solution that allows programming and orchestrating a battery of tests. There is a form where we can select several security analysis tools, and the solution performs this set of tests in a controlled way according to the defined dependencies.

To demonstrate the solution’s effectiveness, we program a battery of tests for different scenarios, defining the security analysis pipeline to incorporate various tools. Finally, we will show security tools working locally, which subsequently integrated into our solution return the same results.

The developed code and pipeline samples are available on gitlab.com/secureapps-ci.