After Docker Desktop changed its new licensing schema, some people went after alternatives such as a Linux VM with docker daemon inside, minikube, Rancher Desktop, and Colima.
I tried them all and end up in Colima after issues with sharing folders/files between host and containers and also port forwarding.

“Now let me show you what happens when I share a file from /tmp/file to a docker container with Colima …”

It’s 28th April and I’m using the following software versions:

docker client version: 20.10.12
colima version: 0.3.4
macOS: 11.6.5

The colima sharing file issue

The steps to reproduce the issue are the following:

Download and ensure file is present.

curl -o /tmp/config.yaml
test -f /tmp/config.yaml && echo "it's a file"

Removing any config file from colima Linux VM.

colima ssh exec sudo rmdir /tmp/config*

Try to share a file whitin a container.

docker run -it --rm -v /tmp/config.yaml:/opt/config.yaml alpine /bin/sh -c "test -d /opt/config.yaml && echo it\'s a directory"

colima ends up creating a directory !

colima ssh exec ls /tmp/config.yaml && echo $?

Remove the file from your macOS host

rm /tmp/config.yaml
test -f /tmp/config.yaml || echo "config.yaml not found"

And the directory remains in colima Linux VM !

colima ssh exec ls /tmp/config.yaml && echo $?

Now use other container to share /tmp from host and you have “trash” from colima’s /tmp

docker run -it --rm -v /tmp:/opt ubuntu /bin/sh -c "test -d /opt/config.yaml && ls -ld /opt/config.yaml"

Stop and start colima Linux VM, and /tmp/config.yaml dir remains there !

colima stop
colima start
colima ssh exec ls /tmp/config.yaml && echo $?


It’s 29th April and I open a issue#267 in the Colima GitHub repository and receive a response.

Only two host directories are available to the Linux VM and Docker containers: $HOME and /tmp/colima. I need to use /tmp/colima/file instead of /tmp/file and after that, I’m able to share a file from host to container.

docker run -it --rm -v /tmp/config.yaml:/opt/config.yaml alpine /bin/sh -c "test -d /opt/config.yaml && echo it\'s a directory"