I want to clone a VM from OpenStack to a physical CompatFlash attached on my workstation in my private network.

In case of some public networks or internet use “ssh + dd” as described here in NDCHost Wiki, i use netcat because is faster ;-)

A warning !!

Be extremly careful with dd, and triple check your devices names /dev/sdx !!

1. On workstation

Go to your workstation and run this, sdf is the destination disk

workstation ~# nc -l -p 9000 | dd of=/dev/sdf

2. On the instance

On the instance do the following, the source disk is /dev/sda

~# ssh user@instance-01.local
instance-01 ~# dd if=/dev/sda | nc workstation.example.net 9000


Usualy i would use screen or tmux on each machine like this, and after detach screen with Ctrl+D.

~# screen -S clone-sda