I tried to delete a volume on OpenStack and receive this output “Volume still has 1 dependent snapshots”. There is a post on ask openstack that suggested to edit directly on MySQL, but i do not want to mess up things.

Let’s Find your volume id

~# cinder list  --all-tenants=1 | grep <volume-name>

When i try to delete the volume

~# cinder delete <volume-id>

Delete for volume <volume-id> failed: Invalid volume: 
Volume still has 1 dependent snapshots (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-51a8c127-5f26-4266-a774-e2375860be20)

ERROR: Unable to delete any of the specified volumes.

List snapshots available

~# cinder snapshot-list --all-tenants=1

Remove the dependent snapshot

~# cinder snapshot-delete <volume-id>

Now we can delete the volume :-)

~# cinder delete <volume-id>