I installed a RunBook container on Rancher farm, setup some monitoring alerts and start to setup some action reactions. The container goes down and I lost a few settings …

Option 1.

So let´s launch the container with a volume attached :-)

To mount a host directory as a data volume, create a directory on the host and use -v option when launch the container.

~# /# mkdir /volumes/runbook

~# sudo docker run -d --name runbook -v /volumes/runbook:/ -p 8000:8000 --link runbook_rethinkdb:runbook_rethinkdb --link runbook_redis:runbook_redis runbook/runbook

Option 2.

Deploy Runbook in a highly available and distributed fashion, we can use an Docker Compose as described on runbook docs.

On github we have the docker-compose file.

~# wget 
~# docker-compose up 

For more details on Runbook go to the runbook quick start.